We were founded in 2006 by the folks who created “Lil’ Bush,” the most successful Mobisode series ever. “Lil’ Bush” was the first example of original mobile content re-packaged for another medium — in this case, national television.

Marketing Videos

While we continue with television series productions, Sugarshack Animation has also developed a solid presence in the field of online business and marketing videos. Sugarshack’s video arm uses the same production infrastructure and much of the same talent to produce entertaining and/or instructional clips for business, government, and not-for-profit organizations, music videos and more.

The People

Our writers come from both television and theater backgrounds and include Emmy award-winning talent. Sugarshack’s artistic team is also a talented powerhouse whose members have won multiple animation awards over the years. They are also musicians and storytellers in their spare time. Our producers have extensive experience in project management and production, marketing and writing in diverse settings.


Our in-house digital facility utilizes various software platforms including 3D and special effects. Our proprietary animation proccess ensures a highly efficient production , which reduces cost to the client without compromising quality.

Our state-of-the-art pipeline is modeled after the latest Los Angeles Flash animation studio workflows and offers all phases of the animation process from concept to final output.

Sugarshack Animation has produced as much as 60 minutes per month of network quality digital animation for broadcast. We continually pursue innovative ways to blend traditional and cutting edge digital animation methods to deliver unique looks and styles.

Sugarshack Animation dedicates itself to creating only the finest quality productions, regardless of whether the client is a national television network or a small startup.

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