How It Works

Sugarshack will transform your idea, project or product into a custom animated video that people will watch, share, and love. We handle every element of the animated video – from concept to scripting, voice-over and animation.

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We Make Your Video Unique

You don’t want your video to look like it came out of a waffle iron, and neither do we. Sugarshack Animation has standardized some elements of video production to make things faster and easier for you, but we are also very flexible. Our approach ensures that every video it is different from the rest and that it reflects your unique message.

Our Pipeline

  1. Interview – We start with a concept call and a series of questions that helps you think through all the elements of your story: your message, your audience, your style, and so on.
  2. Draft script/edits – Our professional writers draft a script based on your specific content and stylistic requirements
  3. Voice-over – You choose a voice that matches your message and your brand.
  4. Animation – Any specific images, themes, or visual style you want to have included? You tell us.
  5. Your new video is ready to go!

It’s Easy to Keep it Up-to-Date

As your business evolves, Sugarshack can edit your voice-over and/or graphics to keep your investment fresh over time. Planning to expand your service area? Just change the map. Entering a new, international market? Change the language. Redesigning your logo? We can update the video accordingly. Because our products are high resolution and all digital, it is easy to keep your video content up-to-date.

We’ll Help You Grow Your Audience

When people understand your product quickly and are excited by it, they share it with their friends… and so on…and so on. Luckily we can easily create videos that work in multiple languages and cultures, so you can benefit fully from the global reach of the web. We can help you make a video that communicates clearly through visuals and is easy to translate.